This website is a showcase for my thrillers and other writing, it also contains information and material regarding my work as an academic mentor, coach and editor.

As an active supporter of military veterans, I also work with a number of organisations to alleviate some of the problems faced by men and women who have left the armed services of their nation. I am trained as a mentor for Wounded, Injured and Sick military personnel transitioning to civilian life, and reach out to fellow veterans (of all ages) locally and globally on a daily basis.


I’ve been a soldier, an academic researcher, lecturer and English tutor, as well as a few other things besides. I’ve had good jobs, really good jobs and some bloody awful jobs. Now I manage my own time, creative output and freedom, connecting with like-minded individuals online to support growth and development.


I also blog here about my passions: writing, travel, lifestyle choices, self-development, leadership, military veterans’ issues, education and mentoring. If you’re looking for The Chronicles of Nerja Blog, you’ll find it on this site. It’s an interactive space, so feel free to join the conversation – you’ll be very welcome. People’s lifestyle choices and journeys to freedom from the Rat Race fascinate me, so please share your take on this if you read a post that resonates with you. You can also find me on Twitter @BlackFlagJake

Thanks for dropping by.

SJ Parkes

Mentor, tutor, author, veteran