Early in 2015, following some significant life events, I made a promise to myself: never again would I rely on one source of income – nor would I ever apply for another job, ever. As a result of keeping that promise to myself, my life has changed in incredible ways. The journey that this started amazes me every day; for example, I’ve been able to extend my mentoring work to empower others in ways that I never thought possible and I can work anywhere in the world that I choose.


I do this by offering mentoring support via a visionary training framework that arms individuals for success in the Digital Economy – individuals who want the freedom, income and lifestyle that they deserve.

I have worked in the field of education and development for many years. As a result I have a simple rule: I never endorse training that I have not done and benefited from myself. This journey is about discovering a purpose, aligning yourself and your work to your core values, and inspiring others to do the things that inspire them.

The course is far more than just about the money that can be earned as a result of what is learned. Some hard work and focus is required but you can do this part-time to fit around your other commitments – earning while you learn, build your business and create your new way of living.

A new set of training and development materials is on the way to this page; in the meantime, once you’ve clicked on this link to the free video series, you will have immediate access to see how this innovative training can take you to the leading edge of the Digital Economy. It’s free. There’s no obligation and you’ll have the knowledge to begin creating the freedom, income and lifestyle that you deserve.

Please note: this is not some get-rich-quick scheme, nor should you expect an overnight transformation. Anyone can do this, but not everyone will. If that excites you, have a look at the free video series. You’ll be joining a community of like-minded individuals, guided by a team of mentors who are masters in their fields, using cutting-edge techniques and technology.