Are military veterans a sub-culture?

Some years ago, when I was working in an educational support role, I began to receive an increasing number of referrals of the same type. These referrals were military veterans studying in further Read More

Authenticity: why I killed off my pseudonym

As many of you know, I initially published my first thriller Black Flag under a pseudonym. I liked my alter-ego. He was a cooler, better-looking and braver version of me. The problem was, I wasn’t Read More

27. Blogs, logs and dogs

The weather this week started off warm and shitty. Then it was cold and shitty, staying that way for five days. It doesn’t rain often here but when it does it’s torrential. I Read More

26. North and South

In the previous post, I described the ferry journey from the UK with my dog Luca. Having arrived in Spain early Tuesday morning, the first task was to get out of Bilbao. It Read More

25. Farewell Blighty, hola España

On November 6th 2016 (one year and three weeks since this blog began), it was time to bid farewell to Blighty, begin my own form of Brexit and head back to Spain. I’d Read More

21. El Celeb, a Live Lobster and the Arm-Wrestling Lady

The temperature is rising and will leap 10 degrees Celsius in the next week, if you believe the forecast, taking us into the high 30s. Gulp. Now it’s necessary to take care and Read More

20. Beer, Goats and Virgins

This week has flown by. I was teaching most of Friday and Saturday but managed to catch the last half of the FA Cup. It was standing room only (and not much of Read More


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