9. Tapas, Driftwood and Iggy Pop

This week I have fully embraced the quiet winter rhythms of life here in Nerja. I get up at six, work for a couple of hours and then go out for breakfast (no running Read More

8. Spanglish, Sweet Wine and Some Other Stuff

Another relatively quiet week – and a chilly one at that – spent writing, reading, walking and, of course, eating amazing food. My budget is in tatters but my motto this year is ‘fuck Read More

7. Plotting, Procrastination and Paella

It’s been a quiet week of recovery. Tempting as it was, I managed to stay away from the last Tantra on Saturday. Various reports point to it having been a legendary final night, Read More

6. Subtitles, School and Blanking Santa

This week has been relatively productive even though I haven’t shaken off the flu. I’ve managed to type up a backlog of notes while wearing most of the clothes I brought with me Read More

5. Books, Beer and Breakfast

How is it the end of Week Five already? The time is flying. Like most people that I know here, I have been laid low with the lurgy for part of this week and spent Read More

4. Homework and Hangovers

This slightly belated post is going to be short. Following the frenetic and rather unhealthy pace of last week, it has been necessary to decline a number of invitations. Apart from the potential Read More

3. Maroween and Bad Sex

The start of this week was a bit hectic and I was slightly behind the curve workwise as M has had a few days off. This girl can party and there have been a couple of big Read More

1. The Kindness of Strangers

I’ve been in Spain for a week. This isn’t really a travel blog; it’s more about process – an inner journey, if you will. I’m not trekking through deserts or bounding across continents. I’m merely Read More


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