Life after the military

Transitioning to civilian life can be difficult for veterans; it brings many challenges, some of which continue for years. Initially, being free of routine, early morning PT, and some of the more mundane elements of military life might feel like a blessed release. However, there can also be a related sense of disorientation and listlessness.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Some veterans are fortunate enough to know exactly where and how they will be employed on leaving the military. Many do not. I recall being surprised that the civilian world wasn’t particularly impressed that I was a highly-trained individual with proven leadership skills honed in pressurised and hostile environments.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs


Veterans often miss being part of a team, a unit. It can be difficult to work with civilian colleagues if they are not motivated by the same work ethic, integrity and sense of community that exists in a cohesive and efficient unit.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Some veterans, for many reasons, experience mental health issues, disability, homelessness, drug and alcohol problems. Sometimes this is a direct result of service and sometimes it is due to the massive shift in lifestyle and the dislocated sense of identity that this can bring. That said, research shows that the main problems faced by the majority of veterans are financial and/or transitioning to and maintaining a place in the civilian world of work.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Quite rightly, as I did, veterans list the strengths and skills developed during their military career: determination, discipline, motivation, attention to detail, flexibility, the ability to think quickly and laterally, confidence, leadership, passion, the desire to serve and inspire others, a highly developed sense of humour, and so on.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

What many veterans don’t realise (it took me a long time to figure this out too) is that these character traits and skills are exactly what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

It has been said that an entrepreneur is someone who (at least initially) is willing to work 80 hours a week in order to avoid working 40. People join the military for a wide variety of reasons but strong motivators include escaping the Rat Race, doing something different, proving one’s worth, answering the call to action and service. These are the same fundamental reasons that successful entrepreneurs use their vision, tenacity and sheer bloody-mindedness to carve a path for themselves, their loved ones and their wider team.

Why Military Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs are not lone wolves; they are coachable and always willing to learn new things. They stay sharp, on the leading edge.

Successful entrepreneurs take calculated risks. They understand the value of failure as well as success.

Successful entrepreneurs lead from the front. They do what they enjoy with enthusiasm and become experts, using the best technology available to work as efficiently as possible.

Successful entrepreneurs invest in themselves, seeking out new training opportunities whenever possible.

Successful entrepreneurs build strong networks and teams. They understand that prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance.




Swap the word ‘entrepreneurs’ for ‘veterans’ and those definitions match. That’s why I work mostly with veterans (any age or nationality) who want to create a new way of living for themselves and their family. It takes some guts, hard work and focus. To my mind, these men and women already have the requisite skills and mindsets to create the freedom, income and lifestyle that they desire and deserve.

The importance of gaining new skills

Eventually, I took those skills and invested in myself via new training to unleash my inner entrepreneur. There are many business opportunities out there but I followed my dream of living a ‘laptop lifestyle.’ If I have an internet connection, I can earn money. It took some effort but the pay off is immense – both personally and professionally. I can work where I want, when I want. Drop me into a jungle with an internet connection and I can make money.

A new set of training and development materials is on the way to this website; in the meantime, if you’re interested about how I moved to an entrepreneur lifestyle, click on this link to the free video series. You will have immediate access to see how this innovative training can take you to the leading edge of the Digital Economy. It’s free. There’s no obligation and you’ll have the knowledge to begin creating the freedom, income and lifestyle that you deserve.

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